It’s me, Margaret, best known among my friends as Marge. Welcome to my corner of the internet! I am an artist currently living and creating out of Brooklyn, New York. I primarily work in watercolors, dabble in acrylics, once upon a time was obsessed with collaging, and aspire to paint a self portrait in oils one day. I like to explore all mediums and usually have my hands (and head) in too many projects at one time. I was once told by a New York Times celebrated artist that my work was “arts and crafts”. The more I create, the more I resonate with that insult. ;) I like to do it all.

My approach to art is fun, reflective and full of color. I am a seeker of beauty. I believe everyday is a good day for a fresh bouquet of flowers. Life is beautiful and fragile, and it’s certainly worth celebrating. Golden hour will forever be my favorite. Cherry blossom season is unmatched. The sea is life to the soul. Authentic, unfiltered beauty.

I hope my art always reflects such beauty.